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  1. i feel that it is necessary to say first that i have read boggy's guide and it took me 5 minutes to look for the new topic button (i finally decided to use ctrl+f). boggy's guide told me to read the file description and the readme files included; but this one i got from STEX had no installation instruction and the readme shows in-game information rather than installation process. this is the 2nd building i downloaded and the first one i downloaded had an installer so i have no idea where to start with this one. inside this ZIP archive is a DAT file and a SC4LOT file. i don't know where to put it into so any help would be much appreciate additional information: i don't know if this is necessary. the read me says it needed a dependency file and it said it was included, though i couldn't find it in the archive. does this mean i have to look for it? it doesn't show the link for it in the archive too. or does this simply mean i should forget about this building and just move on? thank you