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  1. Looks like I found a workaround for that, I have to do more testing. It seems that I need to wait for the first month to pass by. I tried to wait in a new city and when the month turns to Feb. it will revert the bars back to normal. I have to restart my freshly started city as it seems to need a clean base for a city to work. I will let you know if it still happens. EDIT: It worked, I had to delete the existing city and start a new one though.
  2. I tried to start playing Simcity 4 again, I have recently installed Snow Leopard and everything seemed to be fine. I re-played some of the tutorials to familiarize myself with the game again and no problems when playing those. I ran into a problem when starting a new city. RCI indicators "skyrocket" and after a few seconds the game freezes. I have installed only the Universal patch from Aspyr, nothing more. Only change that was done was to enable windowed mode. Has anyone else run into the same problem and if yes, how did you fix it? Sample image attached. Specs for my Mac: MBP 2.2GHz C2D 4GB RAM 8600M GT