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  1. I found a mod on the CitiesXL forum that is supposed to add avatar capability to CXL 2011. However, it doesn't work. From what I can gather from what others have said, it might work with Vista. I am surprised that someone else hasn't created such a mod. It would be so cool to walk our avatars around our cities once more. Is anyone working on this?
  2. Leisure

    I agree!! What about theatres, softball fields, arcades?
  3. I would add street and road names to the list.
  4. Buses in SP on Thursday

    I was wondering about that myself. I understand they are in Europe and it's already 6 am Thursday there.
  5. Problem with Deleting Cities

    When I start a new city after deleting the old one, I start off with a huge negative cash flow. That's why I was deleting the trades manually. Besides, it doesn't seem "real" to keep the trades for a city that no longer exists.
  6. Problem with Deleting Cities

    I have noticed that when I delete a cities and then start a new city with the same map, the previous trades are still there and have to be deleted manually. Is this typical or is it a glitch with my installation? It is tedious to have to remove all the trades before I start to develop the new city.
  7. The end of planet offer

    "And, I agree that there is a chance the failure will be blamed on the concept itself, and, therefore, it will never be tried again. " I hope not. What we need is SimCity with the curving and diagonal roads, a realistic trading system, and the better graphics (including street level and avatar mode, or a better UDrive).
  8. The end of planet offer

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I see the end of the Planet Offer to be a good thing, as it will allow proper development of the solo game. I had trouble getting into the PO anyway. I was difficult to keep up with the trades when the minimum number of shares available was five. Also, the lack of a pause button was annoying, as it made me feel that I couldn't take my time to plan the best strategy. The expiration of trades was also annoying because I don't play any game every day without fail. In the long run, it is possible that Cities XL could be transformed into a very enjoyable stand alone game. Freeing resources that MC was using for PO might make this more likely.