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  1. all my highways are bridges

    seems everythime i post i get repremanded for something or get told rtfm
  2. Invalid Junctions (Highways)!!!

    Originally posted by: jeremy12 Originally posted by: hasoon Thank you. I hope they fix it soon because it is very expensive this way!quote> actually a interchange is only about 400c if thats expensive to your city budget you should not be building a highway, you should be using expressways, this is why they unlock so late in the game to ensure your citys budget can support them (unless you have expert mode on... ) quote> i dont want to spend 400c for something i dont need whether i can afford it or not.
  3. all my highways are bridges

    'cause bridges cant connect to highways, only interchanges. when are they gonna fix this?
  4. Farewell Santa

    Originally posted by: soltangris Actually, there was one change (I bet nobody noticed): the word' qualified' in the first two classes of citizens got replaced with 'skilled' so now: Unqualified > Unskilled Qualified > Skilled Not that this is a big deal...quote> lol, the unskilled workers probably just did not like the negative connotation as unqualified to be in the city? even the virtual people are going pc now.
  5. Farewell Santa

    a 8 meg patch to remove santa? that is weird, to hard to flip the 'show santa/dont show santa' flag i guess. i suspect they have more in that patch than just remove santa. why they keep it secret tho is beyond me.
  6. HT Profits

    ok thx, I start dozing and see what happens.
  7. HT Profits

    The Profitablility of all my High Tech is 65% even tho all the other factors which affect profitability is at 99% or better. Is 65% just the best you can get outta these or is there somthing else I need to improve it?
  8. What should I do?

    you dont *have* to buy the game either, just PO at a monthly payment.
  9. Suggested Improvement For Zone Auto-Placement

    I found my self thinking the other day, it would be nice if I could design my own zone template, as I have mny own pattern I like to use.
  10. So what is cities xl like these days?

    aside from the crahses due to memory leaks it a good game, but I have been sheltered most of my life and have had low expectations, in other words, expect nothing and you wont be disappointed. On the upside, if you wait 6 months, I should plenty of food to sell you at exorbitant prices.
  11. 50 Office's???

    Just build office buildings. I am curently ranked 18 for offices. Selling them to OC makes you alota $. I currently got a hundred and fifty or so I think. Or jost buy them from othe players. They are one of the cheapest thiings to buy cuase everyone makes em
  12. The Burning Question Thread

    so far i have not had issues with contracts, 650k pop with just under 110 contracts. You can get gaurenteed contract stability, but it costs quite a bit more.
  13. Satisfaction is at lowest

    i never give them anything unless they dont move in, then I ask what they want. They are usualy 48-69% for me. If a category, like fire, gets to zero, then Ill give them some firemen, otherwise screw em! First thing you need to do is is find out whty they are not happy. If you dont know why youll never be able to fix em. Check the polling data. To reduce pollution, bulldoze the polluters and import it instead
  14. Need help with Bridges (mac parallels)

    its just a pita, just keep tryin
  15. How can MC make the game more MMO?

    To make this more of a MMO, you need something that will get people to work together in order to accomplish something. MMO's are all about making and maintaining social bonds, and providing them with the required social networking tools to do so. The things you do in your city need to have an impact on others, indeed the whole planet, as well as being meaningful. It is not enough to say "I will place this interstate highway here," if it has no real impact on anything. Being able to say "these are our cities, and we worked hard to build them, and now everyone can see what we have achieved" is important to mayors. I am just speaking on general terms here, but what you want people to say is, "I need to logon today and work with Mr. A, Mr. B, and Miss C, and do X, Y and hopefully Z today so that my city will benefit profitably, and the thing I am trying to accomplish with the 5 other players will get done so that we will increase our influence, wealth, and power and fame on this planet, and other cities will hear about us, and rely on us for our products, services, infrastructure while we kick back, watch the money roll in and use it to buy really cool stuff. As MMO, I really see no diverse and interesting political landscape at all. There is no group of cities I can join to try and achieve a common goal of interest. There should be some kind of race between cities for companies and jobs. There needs more opportunities and reasons for players to get involved with each other. Take trains for example; one should not be able to ship freight to a city that does not have a train system. Yet, airports can fly citizens to cities that do not have airports. Planet Geography needs to be factored. How is it that my land locked city can get food from across the ocean without having to pay the city by the ocean for the use of its harbor? And if we all use harbor A, because it is cheap that the mayor charges, but he then experiences gridlock, perhaps it would be better to pay much more for a less used harbor to ship/get the goods I want, need, and desire. A player run economy, whose market prices are determined by supply and demand, would be nice, not just OC unlimited resource use and payouts at fixed prices would be nice. And since we don't have space travel, territories instead of planets would be great, opening all kinds of possibilities for player interaction. Anyway, I read some good ideas in this thread so far that would accomplish some of these things. "Everything that can be invented has been invented." Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office Charles H. Duell, 1899