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  1. NAM help

    I tired that. Didn't seem to get rid of the puzzle pieces. Though deleting all the files except "Traffic_plugin_z", the UI's and the Right Hand driver seemed to get rid of most of them. Not all however, and I am not sure if the traffic simulator even works now.
  2. NAM help

    Is there anyway just to get the traffic simulator out of the NAM? I don't want any of the puzzle pieces or the diagonal streets. Just the traffic update. What files should a delete/keep?
  3. Demand, cap, glitch, or other?

    The June 09 version is outdated? I installed the CAM, it seems to have had a very small effect. Link to pictar as it is over 800x600
  4. I tried Google to no avail. Here is my problem: I have a City (Large tile size) that seems to be maxed out at 755K. I am up to over 100 million simoleans due to waiting a very long time for my city to grow. It is a mixed C&R city with one industrial city connected to it. I have a medium international airport, the max mayor rating, education, and health. My demand chart is very positive for every type of CO and CS and the max for R$$$. Nothing will grow however. I have tried every type of zone so far but nothing! At one point, I surrounded a block of High Density comercial zone with every public amenity, parks, plazas, and landmarks galore yet still, nothing. I have my city connected to six others so lack of connections isn't it. My regional population is 1.1 million, so my main city (The one with the problem) has around 70% of the total population. I have NAM (X2 capacity, perfect pathfinding) and Double industry, and some other lot plugins installed. Help me por favor?