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  1. Well... problem solved. Now I'll try not to break it again! thnx
  2. Look at these "plazas" lol... I missing LOTS of things. This at the highest detail level. Clearly I had some problem with installation. I'm going to install, reinstall, install NAM and then go from there. This is likely quicker than than any further trouble shouting. I know that the problem in a core one, so too the heart I shall go. Thanks, and I'll let you know!
  3. I have the patch in now! while patches are always a good idea, it didn't fix this problem. :'( I never noticed any boxes before NAM. They game runs fine besides this. I think all the NAM parts are usable but I don't use them cuz they are really ugly all wrapped up in paper like that!
  4. Installed it and the the suburban pack works. But i still see these! I really to like things more when I can work them lol
  5. Sorry, for not starting a new thread, but I'm sure my problem is simple for those who have faced it. I did my due diligence with the forum's search feature, so now I ask people. It is my first attempt at installing custom content. S4 deluxe installed NAM Brown boxes for bus stops etc... but the stop itself shows so I think the missing parts are some props. I don't know where to get these props if they are not in the NAM package or a regular component of S4 Deluxe. I found a lot of posts on stuff like this, but they say that NAM doesn't have any special dependencies. someone help please! I live this game