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  1. P9 Aalesund Hospital

    The hospital works pretty great, however I wasn't able to get the ambulance radius down low enough in my city (500k R) to keep it from being overloaded, until I placed it near the edges of the city (just a note for y'all).
  2. Commuters vs. Jobs

    Thank you for the very detailed response Mayormot. I didn't realize the job-finding algorithm had so much to do with proximity to the edge. These cities are laid out in grids, it very well could be causing loops. I think in my case it'd actually be easier to restrict the connections to the center of the city boundaries as suggested -- or, at least, set them up near the water where they'd have to travel a long way through that city to come ack. I'm also going to reduce the number of high density residential zones, to try to reduce commute time further. I may try to move some of the zones from the edges, too. If I continue to have problems I'll create another thread. Apologies to DOXXP29 for the hijacking.
  3. Commuters vs. Jobs

    Originally posted by: mayormot The number of jobs reported by the building query is *not* how many Sims work there! It's (Number of jobs currently offered in building / Max number of jobs that would be available if conditions were perfect). Your tax revenue and residential demand are calculated based on these numbers, but nothing else is! quote> This may explain why I've had constant, impossible to solve commute time issues. Most of my industry apparently have no workers. They send out freight, but have no cars or pedestrians, or anyone. This is in a city of 700,000 and a region of 1.2M, so there is a lot of inter-city commuting going on. Maybe my main city's workers are heading elsewhere, leaving industry here completely dead?