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  1. How many players connected at the same time?

    Well, since cities created during the 7-day offer are deleted after the account expires you can pretty much just divide the number of cities by 5 to get the number of active players. After that it's probably about 10-20% online at a time
  2. Originally posted by: Livin in Sim quote> Maybe i'm missing something, but I just have to ask. What's the point of these posts in almost every thread?
  3. Trouble with farm roads

    You can simply remove the roads and place new roads, or click the road and upgrade it to a paved road (but can't make it wider that way)
  4. Problems logging in?

    Originally posted by: Cthuulhu I had assumed the servers would be down from 3:30 pm boston time until 6 am boston time, in other words, from 3:30 wens to 6 am thursday. I did notice their server was a bit bogged down this morning though.quote> Yea whoever posted it on the community page wasn't very awake, it's supposed to be the 21th and the time is 3:30am to 6am. But in europe we use 24h time so it might be he just wasn't sure it was am or pm and just used both :-P
  5. Problems logging in?

    The message on their site reads: Tomorrow, Wednesday October the 20th, our weekly maintenance will be performed on the game and web servers from 9:30am to 12am Paris time (3:30pm to 6am New York time). During this maintenance, game servers, authentication servers and some parts of the website will be unavailable. I'm at the same time as paris time (gmt+1) and it's already 7pm so service should be done already, that's besides the fact that there is no Wednesday the 20th ;-)
  6. Problems logging in?

    Having the same problem, their website is extremely slow as well
  7. Bridges are impossible!

    Short answer, do the tutorial.. Long(er) answer, start the bridge like you did already, cross the river, click once to anchor the end of the bridge then move a little bit inland, hold shift and move your mouse down till the road hits the ground, et voila a working bridge.
  8. Holidays - Holiday Hotels

    Your air polution is probably already to high in the city for Holiday Hotels to be build, just green isn't enough it has to be bright green. Easiest way is to build hotels fairly early, after awhile you won't be able anymore (unless you don't build any industry/manufactors)
  9. Very very choppy game play

    The game seems to have some serious resource leaks, you can work around it by going back to the planet view everytime it gets choppy and entering your city again. If it's slow from the get go, then I have no idea why, your system shouldn't have any problems with it.
  10. It's not working for me yet either, all my cities still show old data. Although the token list seems correct, population etc. all show 0