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  1. LGBL-CS$$-Mark

    ?Is the description the work of Google Translator? yes,
  2. LGBL-CS$$-Mark

    Version 1


    Restrant Mark. "There is no good restaurant in this town. " A certain affluent Single In-line Memory Module speaks to the mayor. There was no affluent Single In-line Memory Module in the Single In-line Memory Module city because of it. There was not division that opened the restaurant in the town where only the poor person existed in the haute restaurant either. However, Mark opened marking down in other restaurants not were. It doesn't make a profit so much that affluent Single In-line Memory Module admits this restaurant during year fourth for the first three years though it was deficit [suresure]. All citizens in this town are the said acknowledgment levels now until having been to this restaurant. By the way, it is written a debt fort of a magazine iris famous because it is often sued and a strange restaurant. It sued, it got by one million ransom [shimuorion], and it became more gorgeous. It is a become richer after a fire so-called. By the way, ?This is Automatic operation Translation? 552 CS$$ jobs
  3. LGBL-EBS-Library

    Version 1


    Hello. I make a new bat. Oh! Don't good bat.... ScreenShot's Left is Simcityshop.Right is New bat.
  4. LGBL-SimcityShop

    Version 1


    I don't ?good make the BAT. But. Upload the BAT. Sorry???? (I'm japanese. I'm sorry in awkward English. ???? Postscript.The thing that it is possible to commune it with everybody as the difference of the country doesn't worry is believed.