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  1. A little more forgiving

    I give a idea, Dayton Ohio, I75, a place called malfunction junction!!!!! I75 was routed right around downtown, because of owners of a......get this.....department store, oh the funny stuff people want, well now they are trying to get rid of the malfunction, if i had pics would show but i will look and see then edit
  2. Things you enjoy about the game

    Once the trade system is fixed and we have a good trade going down, can't wait to see people say "I will buy all your water for pennies". just to see some cities shrink. And i would like to see some disasters and have to have the world come together and help out other cites. or cities that want to help out, have to have competition of some sorts. We could have monoplies, create our own companies,
  3. Mayors house

    I want to make a house for my mayor, and be able to have other mayors come and visit. I want to have weather effect my city too
  4. Can anyone find a successful city in Planet mode?

    Maybe that mayor thinks it is a successful city to him, look at new york, it is the same grid looking city as alot in this game, changes come when you have money to spend to change the look of the city, my success and his and yours is not the same, have fun playing or creating a city