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  1. The guy was telling how he always uses it, and The only thing I remember it started with an h something, when I downloaded it there were two choices a free version and a another that cost, I downloaded the free version and it worked great, how ever lost it before had a chance to backit up. Anyone know which program I'm after?
  2. Also what has to triger the Bullet train to apear?
  3. When first entering city told missing props, and shown decimal number, I can only find hex numbers when looking in ilive.
  4. Have not had problem before moving city from Download folder before, Is there a utility to find the conflict?
  5. Can someone name that Mod ?

    THANK YOU that was the puppy !!!
  6. Once there wasa Mod, a very usfull Mod,..... oops wrong show, anyway I know I have a backup of it only my old age disease is kicking in need the name please.
  7. Dependancy for Raka GSM Cell Tower ?

    Sorry didn't get back to you sooner, but you have had me on one heck of a quest. I found the zip file and checked and sure enough there were 2 files, a dat and a lot. So I went off on a serch to find where The MS people put them, one was in the main plugin root the other was in a folder Called EA Dat, you figure. Anyway the file now works fine in the same folder how ever now the game dumps me back to desktop, had to much money and mayor was ready to go for the senate so maxis crashed me. Now if only I can find a way to bring the city back. Anyway thanks for the advice.
  8. Anyone know Why when Game starts it says item missing with a decimal number, then apears over the 1x4 showing only red and green flags. Please helpits driving me buggyer.
  9. 2 Part, 1 Tram Museum Can't find icon, 2 Why am I seeinig old time engine.....am I even in right group? The old time engine starts from newman coal mine, no other trains appear I had this problem before some time ago, now after reloading SC4 after being away for several months dn't remember the fix. As for the Tram Museum where is the icon for loading? Looked under Misc. Trans but couldn't see. All help deeply appreaceated.
  10. Build Landmarks & Build Parks, reopen at item selected, not having to go thru complete menu. Any Ideas, or is this just a Maxis bug, have had problem sence '03 when bought game.