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  1. Downtown

    Think he's talking about the Football as in American Football field in the pic 'Train Station'
  2. Introducing FantastiCoast

    Hey, this is probably a really elementary question but im trying to make a map of Chicago and the subdivisions between the longitudes and latitudes are not squares. they are 84km by 111km.But FantasiCoast gives 1200by1200 squares. Also, as expected the latitude's lengths and thus sub-lengths change due to the spherical earth. This does not show up in the figures though.So i guess the best i can do there is just ignore the latitudes and create a scale using the longitudes. So 2 questions I guess, what can I do to over come the rectangular input getting distorted into a square output, And is is ignoring the latitudes the best way to go about this. Also in your previous post, you mention MallowTheCloud's post which is very incomplete and he/she had revisited and made it clear that there will be no further progress on that post. Maybe you could try to combine the 2 and/or put them in the omnibus?
  3. New York City

    Excellent job !!! Was just wondering exactly how big the map was? 28km square or 28km by 28km?