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  1. Cities XL is NOT an MMO

    Originally posted by: Tuscan I was going to buy CitiesXL (for its single player mode) but after having heard an overwhelmingly majority of negative viewpoints, iv decided to spend my money donating to simtropolis and getting those volume 2 nd 3 DVDs for simcity4.quote> Meh, don't let these nay-sayers change your mind. Sure the game has a few weaknesses and bugs. Every city-building game I've ever seen has its share of weaknesses and most every newly released game has its share of bugs. Even if you only do the single-player thing, it's still enjoyable. Heck, the graphics alone were worth the price, in my opinion - and I do -not- pay for games very often. Being able to see your creation in such graphical quality is a wonderful thing that SimCity can't even approach.
  2. Cities XL is NOT an MMO

    Originally posted by: niloluiz Imagine if LEGO released a "City builder kit" but decided that the rail pieces, bus, and other cool pieces would be only for RENT.... It's no different here. They can put under subscription features that only make sense in a multiplayer enviorement, that is, genuine MMO-gameplay elements. This is fine. However use this scheme to turn core-elements of the game into a rental-only scheme is an attempt at insulting the public intelligence. It won't stick... The reasonable model to adopt would be the release as DLC any content that fit single-player, and work hard to expand the on-line gameplay so the monthly fee is justifiable. It's simple as that.quote> Uhm. Having to pay subscription fees for exclusive content is actually pretty normal in the world. A lot of websites have such models for purely information purposes, and don't have any multi-person component what-so-ever. Now, if they tried to use the fact it's an MMO as a means to justify monthly fees, that would be flawed. But honestly I don't see much of that. There are more free MMOs now than there are ones you have to pay for so using "MMO" as a justification for payment doesn't even make sense. And there's really nothing wrong with them calling it an MMO since, by definition of "MMO", it is one. So "MMO" and monthly fees are rather exclusive concepts, as near as I can tell.
  3. The ever increasing list of bugs

    Originally posted by: b3rglund I can't connect highway with highway bridge, always says "Invalid Junction", quite annoying.quote> I've had this as well. I can build a highway bridge directly into one of the highway/avenue exchanges, but not into a normal piece of highway. Auto-terrain leveling for exchanges would be a huge plus, too. Not a "bug" as is, but just as annoying as one. Same with the fact the only exchange option takes so much frakking space.
  4. Cities XL is NOT an MMO

    Sorry folks, but CitiesXL is an MMO based on the core criteria: The world you connect to is persistent The world can support hundreds or thousands of other players connected to it at the same time You can interact with other players through chat and through more meaningful, game-related aspects You can argue about the quantity and quality of each of those components, but they do exist. True, you don't interact heavily with other players. That can lend itself to the feeling that it's not a "true" MMO, but its categorization as an MMO isn't contingent upon a certain level of interactions - just that interaction is possible. When I played EVE Online I never interacted with other people. Space was huge and rarely did you ever see someone else. And you could get pretty far in the game without talking to other people. For me it was effectively a single-player game. Does that mean it's not an MMO? Of course not. Interaction just wasn't a requirement. But the capacity for interaction was still there. More than anything I see CitiesXL as a revolutionary engine in its infancy. Think about it. You can go from a satellite view to walking around the city as a pedestrian in seconds, and the graphics look excellent all the while. GEMs could very well just be the start. As someone suggested, who's to say you won't eventually be able to choose a building to live in? Maybe someday a GEM will allow you to build and manage your own buildings ala SimTower. Your own farms ala SimFarm. Maybe there will be an upgrade that adds collision detection and you can race cars, or boats. Maybe you can fly planes. And all of this within the cities you and other people create. Before you know it maybe Avatar mode will be improved to the point of the Sims. You can all squabble over what you think it feels like, but I feel like this could be the beginning of a game with a capacity for growth of the likes I've never seen. And that is why a lot of people fork up money every month for MMOs: Not just for what they are, but what they're destined to become.
  5. The Mass Transit Discussion Thread

    This doesn't really bother me that much. Maybe because I come from a fairly large city that until just recently had nothing but roads, avenues, highways, expressways, and a bus system. We have a light rail system now but it's only one line of track. Will it be nice to have more mass transit options later on? Of course. I look forward to it. But for now I'm basking in the glory that is the many options for road configurations. Since so many wish to compare this to SC4, we now have more road sizes and more options regarding lane flow. Combine that to getting roads off the notorious grid limits of SimCity and there's plenty to play with for now. However. I do wish they made it easier to interact with highways. The cloverleaf interchange is fine, but the highway/avenue intersection is incredibly difficult to lay down due to terrain heights and takes an incredible amount of room. Whatever happened to simple on and off ramps? =(