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  1. Super Demand, a Radical Mod

    That's what I thought...raising the taxes of the unwanted to 20%...but with the super demand activated they will still built . And yes Co is a bit different Bummer we can't strip them yet.
  2. Super Demand, a Radical Mod

    @Buggi Would it be possible to completely strip the super modd...meaning you have an ordinance for Cs$, 1 for Co$$$ etc. So you can check them as you please. I use region play and like to have small maps surrounding a medium. In the medium I make my city and the surrounding I use for industry, but I want an industry map to solely be I$ or ISS or I$$$. Don't get me wrong...I love your mod...but the super demand makes it a bit impossible to single 1 out. I have looked at it myself, but can't seem to get it right. Could use a little help