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  1. Demo version released ~ For all those that can't wait

    I tried out the game, I like the game, but in just the demo I found quite a few annoying things that keep me from pre-ordering the game, 1.) The game crashes every time i build a farm 2.) I cannot get any customer support what so-ever 3.) The game is not multi-core optimized, and I hate running something all on one core 4.) I have seen people talking about how you don't get full functionality out of the game single player 5.) The demo has a memory leak, so when I play the game it gets super laggy, then i restart the game again and it runs fine for an hour or so then again. 6.) I cannot find any details of what the full game has to offer aside from 25 maps single player 50 maps world mode.
  2. The ever increasing list of bugs

    1.) The game crashes whenever i build a farm 2.) The game is not optimized for multi-core processors, so its putting all the work load on the first processor. or at least multi-threading
  3. Ya it doesn't seem to have good performance with 64 bit, which is sad since thats what pretty much everyone is on or upgrading to.
  4. most new games are multi-core optimized, especially anything coming over from xbox 360 or ps3, Sacred 2, Grand theft auto 4, war hammer dawn of war. all the new games, to buy a single core processor now is not a good idea, 64 bit, is normal, and most people at this point at least have a duel-core for pc gaming, but all the new games aside from cities I've purchased in the last 3 months are multi-core optimized, and won't even run on anything but a multi-core processor.