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  1. unlimited money

    The building doesn't show up.. what do I have to download with it?
  2. Nam Alternative

    Its not that I don't have enough money #_# Just,I bought to many games and I don't play on them anymore so won't get new ones from my parents xD. But anyways are there any mods that you guys recomend that works without RH (just mods in general,no mass transit mods!)
  3. Nam Alternative

    Originally posted by: bigthing You really should get it to unlock the full potential of this fantastic game. quote> Hmm to bad then because i probably won't get it =\.
  4. Nam Alternative

    aw,ok thanks for answering though. PS: so roundabouts and avanues is impossible if you don't have rushhour?
  5. Well i'm new on simtropolis and I've heard about the NAM mod that's doing miracles. But it seems you need Rushhour /deluxe to use the mod. Is there any other alternative so my sims would use more busses,trains,.. and so I can build roundabounts,avenues and stuff? thanks. -Greetz.