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  1. Wow. Your Cities XL videos are very nice to watch. I thought a bit about the concern for negetive viewer comments on your Cities XL YouTube video page. I think that if your commentary in the video describes faults in the game, then that has a negative effect on the mind set of the viewer. And, the viewer will be more prone to leave negative comments for others to read. Experiment with this concept. Try making a video that shows the Christmas decorations (night and day). Inorder to keep the viewer's mindset positive, leave the game faults commentary close to zero. I think that there are appropriate outlets to showcase comments to Monte Cristo. Your videos do not have to be turned into one more. The quality of your videos does not deserve that. I am appreciative to Monte Cristo for creating this game. I sometimes wonder if some of the negative comments come from members of rival companies; and, that it is to their advantage if Monte Cristo fails. Links to videos: Cities XL Episode 1 - England Pack Cities XL Episode 2 - Car Talk & Bloopers Mayor CVaher
  2. Hello Cities XL Community, Should we consider adding the mayor name and city name to the bottom of our journal photos? This way if a photo is past around, each person viewing the photo will always know its origin. It is time for me to learn something new and explore graphic editing. I wonder if there is a program that came with the Windows operating system that can handle this task. Or, can someone suggest a program that they enjoy using? Mayor CVaher