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  1. Merged / Moved Threads

    Why did my thread on exclusive content get deleted?
  2. The Burning Question Thread

    I just saw on the steam CXL page it says "EXCLUSIVE STEAM ITEM The magnificent Royce Hall from the UCLA campus." now I really wish I waited 2 days to preorder until it came on Steam... EDIT: I also see this on D2D "The Woolworth Building is exclusively available to Direct2Drive clients purchasing either Standard or Limited Editions." So what exclusive item do we who bought it off the citiesxl.com website get? And is there any way for us to get these?
  3. I downloaded the game, installed it, activated my account, starting downloading and installing the updates, and after a certain update my client wont start again it just keeps crashing.
  4. You probably need to be online all the time for anti-piracy purposes.
  5. The Burning Question Thread

    I pre-ordered citiesxl like 2 days before it was available for pre-order on steam, will I be able to use my key and unlock it in steam too?
  6. Cities XL pre-order questions!

    I pre-ordered Cities XL from the official site, but now I see it is available on steam, will I be able to enter a key into steam and download it there without re-paying?
  7. crime and disasters

    ah what kind of crime then? Didn't see any in the demo, like people on the ground running around with guns, or just statistics? Also there must be fire since there are fire trucks. As for natural disasters, I do see that it would be unfair in the online game because they would be random acts of destruction, unlike crime and fire which can be prevented/stopped.
  8. crime and disasters

    will there be crime and natural disasters in the game?