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  1. Various Questions

    I ran into another question that I know you guys can answer. I have been looking at the CJ and they are amazing. Only thing is that all of their land is developed even on a curved road. Is there an easy way to plot land on curves, because I have been trying hard to do it, but some of the plots are unreachable and/or just one single tile. Thanks, Vapkez
  2. Various Questions

    Hey guys I'm back with another question. So I downloaded this SOMY school. (I really like the look of it and I thought it's functionality would be great too). But, the education level of my sims has gone down. It says that it does k-12. So I demolished my highschool and elementary schools, but it did not take all of the students that were in these schools, I do not know why (the radius is the map so I know it is not that problem). http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/11870-somy-japanese-urban-school/ I also downloaded the NAM and have been trying to work on my traffic since I am getting more and more briefcases. Does anyone have any suggestions to easy it a bit. I have been trying to place bus stops and underground parking garages (lot I got) everywhere. I do not have enough money for subways.
  3. Various Questions

    Wow, that is really frustrating. I-HT is basically my goal every time lol. You would think that R-$$$ would be practically the only ones that work there, because in real life these jobs pay well... Oh well, I'll figure it out. I would like to say again, thanks for all of the feedback, nice to see that this is an actual forum with people that respond to posts. Check back, I will definitely post up a new city (and I am sure I will have more dilemmas ).
  4. Various Questions

    Thanks for the replies again, I will try and take sometime to do these things. One last question, sorry, I cannot for the life of me find a download link for the 1.1.168 download that works. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. Various Questions

    Thanks for the replies. I am sure this will help. Nonny, your utilities that you suggested are great, however I almost feel like I would be cheating. Are people able to balance the budget, keep Sims educated, and keep everything in the city (land value, pollution, etc) in good order with just what is given to us?
  6. Hey, so this was my favorite game as a kid and I started playing it again. First city in a few years and I realized that I really do not remember much except the functionality of all of the ploppable utilities and zones. I don't need a newb lecture, but I have some specific questions pertaining to my current city. So I usually start off by building two cities like in the image below. One industrial that is just a dump and then my residential/commercial. (I do not like having dirty industrial buildings in my city). Is it ok to start out like this? I have been building up the education and got a good amount of rich population. Then, I start getting the dreaded no job signs... My sims will not drive across town to work and I do not know what to do. Ill post a pic of my city under the region map, but it may not have any no job signs (this is because my comp crashed after half an hour of playing and I didn't have time to re-do what I just did), which was a lot Ok, so my other question was just pertaining to budget. I had the build the army base and the federal prison just so I could pay for everything. I do not want to sacrifice my healthcare, fire, or police because that nets me a high mayor rating and I can't stand the advisers bugging me. I have a picture of the city opinion polls below me. Last 2 questions on my agenda, what is a lot and a BAT? It is not outlined anywhere on these forums... And does anyone have a good list of things I should download to make the game more enjoyable? There is wayy too many for me to try and find. I use the PEG garbage chute already. I especially like downloading new utilities (for some odd reason), but other buildings, helpful transportation system things and other are certainly welcome. I didn't download the NAM because it seemed way too overwhelming, if someone wants to try and sell me on the NAM I will download it, but I do not have tons and tons of time to just play around with stuff, I just like to play this game leisurely. Thanks.