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  1. The unrealism of Cities xl

    I hope that they come with something more successful next time. Also the most the government will ever do for a theme park is just provide a subsidy, because they think it will boost the economy of the area. Plus I live in NYC not to far from a factory, and the neighborhood is good it is still high realty prices even with the financial meltdown and no one moves out because there is a factory near by.
  2. The unrealism of Cities xl

    I have been playing cities xl recently. I like the game, I think it is more advanced than sim city. Some problems it has is leisure activities, they cost to much damn money, and why should the city build them? In real world (or at least in America) the cities are not the ones who build the bowling ally, nor do they build the Ferris wheel. Maybe in special occasions when they provide a private company a subsidy they will pay for the construction and not the matenince. Also since when do people really care about how much damn airpollution is there. Since cities XL does not simulate global warming what is the point in caring about it. Also in simcity 4 I was able to cut spending on buildings that have not reached their full capacity, in Cities XL you have to destroy the building. Sometimes I want these buildings to be there so why cant I just cut their budget i'm the damn mayor?