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  1. Problem with Missions

    I had similar problems, discussed here. I say don't bother with them.
  2. For 140k population, I'd say that your commercial taxes are a bit high. I drop them to 5% and less long before I hit 100k I still get decent income since the increased demand makes them create more taxable jobs.
  3. Negative demand in all 3 areas

    You need to lower taxes and build recreation areas
  4. Maximizing Prison Population

    Perhaps if we could trade prisoners to adjacent cities
  5. Demand Caps for Sim City 4

    If I understand it correctly, the chart means that Small Flower Garden and Small Plaza are the best one-tile items? Flower is more cost efficient, but plaza is more space efficient. Or do people count it differently?
  6. The Dependency Debate

    Can't people upload an additional pack that includes the relevant dependancies? The current situation is such an inefficient waste of time... not what I'd expect from people that play this game
  7. Stages

    The link in the above post requires some registration, which is annoying I found some info here: Building Stages
  8. How big is one square?

    A small city is 65x65 squares
  9. Mission woes

    Oh well, I guess I wasn't meant to do them Thanks for the tips
  10. Mission woes

    I tried demolishing all police buildings The helicopter is gone, but the game still generates an insane amount of police cars when you accept the mission. I can drive a few seconds, then I get busted. This goes for both landfill truck and a bus mission. I find it strange that these missions are programmed to fail all the time.
  11. Mission woes

    Hi Is it me, or some missions are a real pain to complete? I tried one with landfill, where you need to collect a package and dispose of it. It pays 70000 making it very lucrative. However the police helicopter keeps his light on my car, and it gets caught in seconds... what should I do? I even lowered police funds so cops are on strike, and still they use their chopper. There were also a lot of helicopter missions in the beginning of the game, but now I only get driving missions (even though I have all the helicopter buildings, more actually). How can I enable helicopters again? Search doesn't work for some reason