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  1. Farewell everyone :)

    Hi all, I wish to inform you all that my time as community manager for Monte Cristo comes to an end. Gregory will take over my duties to keep you updated on Simtropolis. The city builder community truly is a passionate one and it's been great meeting some of the strong personalities around here. I wish you all the best with CXL for the future! Bye, - Mathew
  2. Christmas Pack!!

    Since today's hotfix (, medieval streets have lampposts too
  3. Anybody else lose solo mode after new patch?

    Playing Solo or Online is now decided from the launcher. Once logged in, you should have two buttons: "Play Online" and "Play Solo" as shown in the file attached. With this change, solo play is now done truly offline. (The game will only connect once to our servers when you enter your log in).
  4. MC Brings Out CXL User Survey

    We've fixed the issue with solo players getting the exact same survey. You should now get a slightly different one (the first questions being the same though). Let me know if it's not the case. Mathew, since you are here: The two questions are weird, "WHICH ONLINE ASPECT OF CITIES XL DO YOU LIKE BEST?" & "WHICH ONLINE ASPECT OF CITIES XL DO YOU LIKE LEAST?". I mean, I'd love to if this game would become more strategical with the trading and what not, but at it current form the trade is really a pain.quote> Well, there are quite some improvements that can be made to the current trade system. Since it's the PO feature you have the most interested in, I guess it would go into the "like best" category. It does not mean we are not looking at comments made by players on these different features
  5. MC Brings Out CXL User Survey

    You need a subscription to PO... there are lots of question about PO: what can I answer if I don't have PO???quote> If you don't have PO... you get a different survey
  6. Christmas Pack!!

    SimCityFanatic wrote: If its a downtown city area, with lots of tall buildings, the streets and sidewalks should be crowded with people. At night as well. It was an observation I made from the pic that I believe should be corrected.quote> Actually, the city I took the screenshot from was build up with only T3 buildings so it looks downtown all around, but the screenshot was taken in one of the side streets, less frequented. It's true however that this specific screenshot doesn't show any pedestrian, while there usually are 4 to 6 of them walking around. It's not anywhere near Tokyo or New York downtown areas, but there are much more people walking around than on this screen. We're also working on advanced graphical options, and these include a slider to set the amount of pedestrians displayed in your city. Regarding the decorations, there's no option to turn them on/off: they will be removed when the Christmas period is over. And yes, I have to admit there are quite a lot of them around
  7. MC Withdraw 3 month subscription

    Hi everyone, These are indeed legitimate questions which ask for an official statement: Since the release of Cities XL, we have received a lot of feedback about the game, its extra content and features, the available subscription options, etc... And for this we want to thank to all our players. We have carefully noted and considered all the suggestions and remarks that have been made and we inform you that we are currently working on a revision of our Planet Offer model. As result of this ongoing process, the 2 months and 3 months subscription, as well as the recurrent payment system, have been suspended for the moment. We are aware of the inconveniences that these changes might cause and we apologise for them, but you can be sure that our main purpose, which is to provide the best service possible, still remains unchanged. Best regards, - The Monte Cristo Team quote>
  8. Okeanos Trading Mod

    Isthemuffinman, there are no reason why you should not make this script available. We are working on adding a sandbox mode to the game, but you have every right to publish your own tool in the meantime. Only thing we are asking is to make sure the mod doesn't work online (I don't think Okeanos' mod does so it seems okay) or if it does clearly warn users not to use it online.
  9. Just make sure you don't use it if you play online too, as it would be deemed as cheating But if you play solo and solo only, then it looks like a good solution until we set up our own sandbox mode directly in the game.
  10. I want MOD and plugins for single-player mod

    Indeed, we have provided a few users with some instructions on creating buildings. We are waiting for their feedback and we'll be collaborating with them to see how it all works out, what additional information or tools they might need and so on. Think of it as some alpha test on custom content. As mentioned earlier too, we are in the process of updating how data is used by the game so the game can have a "MOD" folder where users can put their mods in without it interfering with the patching process or online play. I know it's "only words" for now, but it's going along well
  11. My idea for the loading screens

    I cannot say too much about it right now, as I don't know exactly when it will come to the game, but I have seen work in progress to make the loading screens a bit more "sexy"
  12. Screenshots--How, Where

    Thanks, I thought so. It's noted and changing this key has been filled in as a feature request.
  13. Okeanos Trading Mod

    As a note, Omnicorp's prices will be lowered with the upcoming patch. Maybe some of you will want to check how the game works with this new balance before trying out the mod. The prices will not be lowered as much as with Okeanos' mod though (which is +/-50%) but more in the +/-20-30% range for a start.
  14. Take a video bus ride

    No bendy buses. The three types of buses are: minibus, normal bus and double-deckers. Transfert between different lines is implemented, both at terminals and when two lines cross each other: you just need to place the bus stop near enough from one of another bus line. Your citizens will consider the bus trip as a whole, including transfers. Which means that if the first half of their travel is fine but the second bus line they need to take is overcrowded, they will probably chose to take the car to work. Currently, a line is linked to a single terminal.
  15. Screenshots--How, Where

    On US International keyboards, ALTGR stands just right of the space bar. On US Standard keyboards, this key seems to be a simple ALT key. Could you let me know if the ALT key on the right works to take screenshots with UI on your Standard keyboard?