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  1. The city where you live

    Hey,where are the images?I uploaded them.
  2. The city where you live

    I live in the city of Subotica.Its on the north of the Serbia,next to the hungary border.The city has ben established back in 12 ct .Then,it was under the Hungarian rule.In 1526,it was conqured by the turks,which was there over a sentury.After they retreat,the austia clamed this city.In 1747,it was among 10 bigest city in austrian empire,so so queen Maria Theresa gived a royal sity statut,which alowed more fredom,and its ovn countyside.Back then,the mayoriti were hungarians,serbs and bunjevci,the mix of croatian and serbian setlers.All until the end of WW1,it was under Austro Hungary rule.After they defeat,it belonged to the newly formed kindom of Serbs,Croats and Slovenians.In WW2,Hungarian have anexsed the therytory of the city,and under they rule,10000 jews,15000 serbs and others were deported in the concentration camps.In 1944,it was freed with the help of the red army,and it was under rule of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.After the decre of SFRY in 1991,it was bombarded under the NATO action ,,Mircible Angel,, in 1999 and it belonged to the serbia in the 2003. There is today around 148.000 residents in t the sity(98.000 in the center) Nations % Religion % Informationopulation Hungarians 43 Catholic 57 Serbs 38 Orthodox 32 Croats 11 Muslims 3 Others Others 8 (Bunjevci,Slovacs,Chehs,Romanian,Muslims) 8 Arhitecture: Becouse of the rule of many countries,Subotica has a mix of different tipe of arhitecture. The most often styles are Viena sesecion,Baroque and Socialist. There is also a lot Art Nouve style bildigs.Since the fall of Yugoslavia, capitalist style bilding are also often buided,but they ruin the image of the town
  3. BLaM Belgrade

    Sjajno si uradio mapu...nadam se da ce moja mapa subotice biti poput tvoje :)