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  1. Extra Terraforming Options CXL 2009

    Teh awesome! :D
  2. Cities XL 2011 Verdict so far

    In my opinion the game feels exactly the same as 2009, the menus are still broken, the performance is crap as before and it's just as useless. I feel very disappointed with this game and with Focus so far, all they did was to take a broken object and wrapped it in duct tape. Or at least that's what it feels like. They said they optimized the game, yeah right... still 100% on one CPU thread and 0-5% GPU like before and no improvement in FPS what so ever. The memory leak is still there i think since the game gets slower the longer I'm in my city (even though I'm not building anything, just looking around and waiting). I'm really hoping for future support though. Sorry for this negative post, but that is my verdict //Tobbsman
  3. CXL Memory Leak

    I'm sorry to say this but 2011 feels no different to 2009, the memory leak is still there and no optimization as they claim. The menus are still bugged and broken. You might as well just play 2009 with all the mods, i do hope for continued support from Focus though. //Tobbsman
  4. Cities XL 2011 still lacking on memory!

    Not much you can do to increase performance (at least from my testing so far), the game only utilizes ONE thread on your CPU and 0-5% GPU, plus the memory leak doesn't appear to be fixed. Focus claim they've optimized the game but it feels EXACTLY the same as CXL2009. From what I've read so far (which seems to work for some) is to start the game, alt+tab out, open task manager, go to processes, left click on citiesxl2011.exe and change affinity to core 1-3 instead of 0 but i feel no difference. You can easily "fix" the memory leak by going back to planet mode every once in a while and then back to your city. //Tobbsman