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  1. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    ---------------- On 5/21/2003 3:00:40 PM Proper_Bo wrote: Can sombody go through really slowly how to get the software and also the theme to get MacOS on to a windows XP desktop please. With all the inflating icons etc. Preferably for free. --------------- I am glad to help. First you will need two websites: www.themexp.org news.designtechnika.com/ The first site will give you a program called ThemeXP. You will need this program to apply new skins/themes to Windows XP and there are themes on the site that look like Mac OS, but I believe ThemeXP comes with one. The next site is where you can find YZDock, a program that acts like the Quicklaunch thingy in Mac OS. Just install it and drag icons onto it. There are many other things you can do with them but I trust you can figure them out. Hope that helped.