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  1. The Avatar Above Me

    4/10 thats ugly
  2. ^New signature coming soon...
  3. Who is Your Favorite Band?

    Leftover Crack the handshake murders Agent Apathy Punks I'll post more later, but let me tell you these bands kick ass.
  4. The Avatar Above Me

    8/10 as long as there not living near me panthers are cool
  5. has a pic of lake titicaca in his sig
  6. The Avatar Above Me

    7/10 pretty good
  7. is a statesman if i may stray off topic breifly, masher thats the third time you've said that, so why dont you join!?
  8. This or That - Take 2

    Luigi wall calendar, or daily calendar
  9. has a pic of a forest as his av
  10. Barry Sanders Project

    Hey ford field is lookin good, seeing all these buildings makes me wish i knew how to use the BAT