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  1. BSC Texture Index

    Please disregard the request to allow supporting developers to register subranges in this thread; SBI's texture IID tracking is now handled inhouse . The question regarding when a new version of the index will appear on the STEX stands, however.
  2. BSC Texture Index

    Excellent! Would you agree to allowing split buildings developers to visit this thread and announce a desired IID range from the SBI block? A developer would come ready with an intended subrange and new text for the designer field so that the texture index may be quickly updated. Thoughts? Also, when will a new version of the index reflecting the SBI pre-allocation be uploaded to the STEX? Thanks for your continuing support on behalf of myself and SBI.
  3. The Avatar Above Me

    8.1 / 10.0, Ю
  4. The Avatar Above Me

    9.3 / 10.0, superstar. Your high-quality avatar gives us a taste of the chaos brought on by Taz's arrival. The graphic also appears to have been edited by an artist of considerable skill, given the implied layering effects and nicely-placed swipes of color. Downside: the chaos partially obscures Taz!
  5. BSC Texture Index

    I represent the Split Buildings Initiative in requesting that an IID range be pre-allocated for use by SBI's supporting developers. ( Read about the Split Buildings Initiative. ) The pre-allocation would update BSC's texture index to show SBI as the designer for an IID range. Though SBI would reserve an IID block, SBI would continue to outsource its IID management to the BSC texture index managers: SBI's supporting developers will visit this thread to allocate IID's for individual use from the SBI IID block. The developer's IID range entry is then updated to show SBI: (developer's name) or (developer's name) subject to the developer's discretion. In essence, the proposed system is much like a business credit card: a credit line is pre-allocated for the entire corporation or department, while individuals allocate actual funds to achieve a specific end. SBI leaves to the BSC texture index managers the choice of what exact range is pre-allocated, for we feel you can best see the overall IID allocation picture and are therefore best-suited to elect a well-sized range that leaves ample room for future growth. Thoughts?
  6. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Posts from me are generally few and far between, but I knew before I finished reading update 8b that I'd have to congratulate you on a breathtaking city. Your intertwining of trees, parks, and ponds with higher-density residential is beautiful, and your MTIT layout--including the paths and slightly mountainous backdrop--makes the entire region seem alive. I especially like the detailed building placement: the second private school isn't placed directly on a main avenue; it's instead tucked into a quiet corner with its own low-traffic street. The private school placement is one of many examples that show how much attention to detail and thought powers this journal. I look forward to the next update. Also, nice slideshow graphics in update 8b.