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  1. Optimal Zone Size

    I don't quite get this. Could you post a picture of what you mean?
  2. How come commute time is so long?

    I think that if they don't have enough jobs of the right type, a sim will drive all over town looking for work. So "long commute time" might be a code for "unemployment." I've had big buildings like that abandon too- if you can replace it with smaller buildings it might work better (by demolishing and rezoning part of it, say). If you figure it out, please post your solution.
  3. I downloaded and installed the new NAM and NAM essentials. I notice that there is a road puzzle piece missing in the menu. Between the "Road over Ground Highway Puzzle Piece" and "road x road/one way road + intersection" appears the words ##Intersection placement string missing##. Anyone have any idea why this might happen?
  4. Defective lot in menu

    I downloaded Shmails 1x3 Parking Set ( http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=17876 ) which should have three different parking garages. Four new ploppables appear on my menu, however, and the first is useless: (The garages appear on the side) Is there a way of removing this extra item? edit: Comparing the three folders, I found an extra file in the "Park here" version. Removing it gets rid of the extra lot. Hopefully it doesn't mess anything up....
  5. Shmails 1x3 Parking set

    A fourth ploppable appears in my menu that doesn't do anything. But if you remove the extra file in "Park Here" it goes away. A separate issue is only installing one of the lots: if I only put one of the three folders in my plugins folder the image is messed up. It's as if they depend on each other.
  6. Cannot see Maxis buildings.

    I have a similar issue. I just noticed that some parks are "flat". They have texture, but no props. I downloaded bldgprop_vol1 and vol2, and I put them in the plugins folder. I started a new city and... still flat. What am I doing wrong? p.s. I had downloaded several plugins, but I've moved them all out except for NAM and holedigger, and deadwoods bus stops. I don't see how they would interfere with anything, though. edit: it looks like the "prop pox" discussed in the following thread: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1201.60 However, it happens to Maxis tiles like the small park, small flower garden and play ground when I start a new city. In the prop pox thread it seems as if the problem is related to removing a plugin wihtout first demolishing all the old instances. Obviously that can't happen with a brand new city. edit: Solved!!!! I changed some graphics options: software rendering, everything else to medium. Now the parks have props again!
  7. Did you ever figure out the tunnel? I have exactly the same problem, and I am starting to search the forums for an answer. I have the digging tiles, but I can't get a road to tunnel- it goes over. A railway will tunnel, though. I am using the 15m deep ones- though I tried the monorail ones and it didn't work either. edit: By reloading NAM and not allowing ANT, it seemed to work. I don't think it will allow you to dig a hole if it would put you into the water table, though. I also posted this to http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=358&threadid=86012&enterthread=y&STARTPAGE=3#last Sorry for spamming.