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  1. Thanks Yes it is using the Catmull-Rom AA filter. The library it refers to is the night textures library feature that CycleDogg has implemented. Unless you intend to use this feature there is no need to worry about it.
  2. ak-ak-adak The first thing to check is try opening the model in the iLive reader and seeing whats there. If you have the proper fsh files but the s3d's are bad then the LODs are screwed up. Placement is indeed important in Max and follows the same rules as in gMax. The position should match between the 2 programs of course but thats pretty much a given seeing as you export the LODs for gMax to use.
  3. I export my LODs from gMax in Draft mode and haven't had any quality problems.
  4. Thanks , heres a night shot.
  5. Well as you asked for feedback and progress shots I thought I'd show you what I've been working on. This is the over a million poly model I have mentioned before. I have exported it many, many times with the BATforMax exporter in Max 6 with very few problems (just the odd BAT error every so often) It uses bump mapping and a few procedural textures, as well as CycleDoggs wonderful night library feature. With no nightlighting the export takes about 8 minutes, with the nightlighting this is increased significantly to 50 minutes, with much of that time used for behind the scenes stuff.
  6. I have also had a number of errors with a variety of error numbers, but in general it works fine for me. The first time I tried with nightlights it was always erroring but then I found a nightlight had mysteriously acquired a multiplier of 867 (I probably had it selected when I typed something else). Correcting this removed the problems for most exports. I'm mainly working with a model of over a million polygons, bump mapping, 20 plus night lights and the great new night library feature. The new tools for processing and replacing the fsh files are great btw The addition I would most like to see is a night preview.
  7. Update sounds great I'll give it a whirl in Max6.
  8. Have you tried using a better AA filter than Area, like Catmull-Rom?
  9. Well I've tried it with 3dsMax 5 and it works great so far. Haven't tried nightlights yet but I'm about to. As for distributed rendering I don't really see it as necessary. 3dsMax renders so much faster than BAT theres no real need to split off views to other computers.
  10. Phillippbos Tutorial Help and Feedback

    I downloaded your file and can't see any problems. The vertices are indeed all welded and when I try to extrude I get a properly capped solid shape.
  11. Phillippbos Tutorial Help and Feedback

    From your pictures it looks like the vertices are already welded. Are you sure there are still 2 selected or did it work on one attempt without you noticing? Does it extrude as a solid shape with capped ends? Its pretty hard to guess what the problem might be without seeing the file. Could you attach it or PM me so I can see.
  12. Phillippbos Tutorial Help and Feedback

    The Weld Threshold is how far apart vertices will be selected to welded together. It is the number in the numeric value box to the right of the Weld button in the Command Panel. If you have multiple vertices selected and they aren't welding increase the number in the box. If they look like they should weld but aren't it might be because they are not in the same plane but you cannot tell from the orthographic view. Have a quick look in perspectibve to make sure they are in line.
  13. Replacement Huge CamLightRig

    Date: 5/10/2004 1:37:36 PM Author: hey, i'm having trouble understanding the directions to install rig.. there are things you tell me to push that isnt even here... or witch rollout do i use... you should be alittle more detailed... sincei have installed the rig that best i understood, i get a code failed code six... and i know that it isn't me memory... have plenty of that and speed to...never had this problem til now... quote> Sorry, been too busy to check the forums for a few days. Looking at the model file in the export problems/serious questions about model height of model and a few other things thread you appear to have successfully replaced the rig. I'm not sure which items you are refering to when you say they don't exist? I'm sorry to say that the export problem is indeed memory. From the other thread you say you have 1Gb. That isn't enough to export a very large building (even with virtual memory on). I don't know why BAT is so memory intensive, and can only say what my testing and other posts have shown.
  14. Xannepan goes Paris

    Date: 5/7/2004 11:13:35 AM Author: I have finished another paris building. I have put it twice on the 2x2 lot above together with the earlier corner building. This should agree with wall-2-wall standard. I have used a sidewalk width of 3 meters. I'll post the gmax files also (tomorrow). I wish neon lights were possible for the green cross (which you often see in Paris' pharmacies). I tried a rectangular green colored night light 'including' only the cross but apparently the inclusion/exclusion option doesn;t work with lights. Does anyone have any experience with this. Alternatively, maybe someone could design some neon props.... -xannepanquote> No the include/exclude for lights does not work in the BAT renderer. However, I've downloaded your gMax model and making the green cross pharmacy sign light up will be simple. Just create 2 directional night lights pointing at each side of the cross. Place them so they don't also illuminate the building and give them a suitable multiplier to be nice and bright. Its a nice looking model. The only thing I don't like is the moss on the roof. Not because its there but because it doesn't look much like moss, the colour is too uniform. Try getting an image of moss and merging that into your texture instead.
  15. EmergentFungus Creations

    Date: 5/7/2004 9:01:46 PM Author: How did caliban do? Did something happen again?quote> Unfortunately, although the export had been progressing well, my computer decided to reboot itself during the day and thus I got home from work to XPs Welcome screen and a failed export.