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  1. strange artifacts in region view

    what is the highest resolution I can use without having this problem? never mind, now that you mentioned what it is, I found some posts on this subject. Will try to fix it. Thank you.
  2. strange artifacts in region view

    Yep, just uploaded one. Did that, clicked on all surrounding cities and saved them, still the same issue. BTW, how did you know what resolution I was using (close- 1920x1200), I never mentioned that?
  3. all works fine when I create a new region, but not with downloaded ones. when I use the mapper to save a newly downloaded region, there are strange stripes where two cities would meet; missing. It all works fine when I build cities and connect the two parts with roads, but it looks bad in region view. Is a mod causing this? or did I just have bad luck choosing the wrong (highly rated from satellite image) maps? Is there a way to tell before downloading and saving each tile, that a map will do this?
  4. 2 problems, one with NAM and one basic

    Thanks for the tips. I installed some more Mods and one of them must have included a piece I haven't seen before. It was the level tram - crossing level rail piece. The tram problem is solved for now (although, I would have loved to have it as an underpass for looks only). About the train station usage. I have 5 small cities/villages on this area. each has 1 train station. then there is another city next door in the region with a station connected to this. They are all under 100% usage and work very well. They all seem to come and go from this small city and its station, like using it as a hub. Right now, one station is still at 50%, while the other is 200%. I have tried moving one station and I have tried moving both, but no matter what, it always comes out with one station being used a lot more than the other.
  5. Hello, After a loooooong time I have reinstalled SC4 Deluxe. This is the first time I added some mods (NAM). In my small city (about 4000 sims) I have two problems. the first is a basic SC problem. in the picture you see 2 train stations. I added the second one when the first reached 120% usage. I now have 180% usage on the first and only 50% on the second. is there anything I can do to distribute usage more equally to the two stations? Is there a negative effect if I don't? the second problem is with NAM/ GTR As you can see on the picture, I have very limited space where the tram must cross the rail. To do underground/elevated rail/tram, it would look ugly and I might have to rebuild the entire area. The easiest most beautiful solution would be the one on the picture, but I can't seem to find a piece that will enable the tram under the rail. Is there such a piece? I also can't seem to find a simple rail-tram ground level crossing. Any other suggestions? Any other mods that would solve this? How about the new NAM, shortly being released, might that solve this kind of problem? Thanks for any help