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  1. Show us your MAPP

    KMC87, it's really awesome--lots of cool stuff! Can you link the huge clock/park-like thing--that's really nice--as is the wonderful ship in its compact pond. I'm wondering , based on the second picture, if you have your night lighting working properly? That MAPP Ferris Wheel should light up at night, but maybe it just wasn't time yet.
  2. Show us your Night Shots!

    Originally posted by: Texan I am having trouble with nighlighting in my city. None of my downloaded buildings have nightlighing (I know they should though). What could be wrong with them? quote> Try the information at this link, should give you the info you need to fix that: http://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/index.cfm/Main.SimCity_4.Night_Lighting_for_BAT's
  3. Show us your Night Shots!

    Nightime at the Haunted Concourse (things get busy...)
  4. STPC-SimTropolis Picture Contest

    A couple of my favorites...
  5. Show us your MAPP

    Originally posted by: StanislavSoltys where did you get the earth globe and cinema? EDIT: Welcome to Page 2! quote> Earth Park is Here: www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm The 3d Cinema is part of the big MAPP set, which in parts on the STEX (just search for "MAPP").
  6. Show us your MAPP

    Originally posted by: T Wrecks If I may suggest a few things as a little challenge to you MAPP makers: - Try to move away from perfectly flat terrain - for example, I'd love to see a scenic amusement park nestled into a hilly landscape, maybe with a main entrance and some attractions down in the valley, and a ferris wheel straddling a little ridge... - I've seen road and rail tunnels under airport runways, but how about a main road diving under an amusement park? There could be pedestrian bridges to allow the park visitors to cross the road in order to reach the other half of the park. Instead, I see many roads cutting the amusement park in two. quote> I actually do have some terrain to deal with, plus some that was subsequently built by the park owners... A feature tentatively called Magic Mountain... A haunted castle on the slopes of the as-yet named hills (though that peak will probably end up being called The Matterhorn). This small res development is basically a test to make sure the FLUPs GLR was working; it comes up inside the hill from a point just to the left of the lower left corner of the pic. A Camelot-style resort is planned for this area. This was all built as part of the northern border of the amusement park, to separate it from the rest of the resort. More of same of above. While I don't have any underground avenues in the MAPP, I did build this FLUPs GLR tunnel under a cemetery in the city that surrounds the resort! Underground haunted house?! Lastly and somewhat OT, an updated picture of the BosCon Spaceport--I had redone the entrance since the older picture was taken and added some additional props.
  7. Show us your MAPP

    Originally posted by: everbodyhateschris Originally posted by: zurrabear I've been working on a city-sized amusement park and resort for the past couple of months. The amusement park itself is basically done; now work begins on the rest of the resort. It's vastly more complex than the pictures I posted last year. Much of this has been revised along the way, but here are some of the latest developments. The city name (both the resort and its surrounding town) is Bosphorous Concourse. BosCon Spaceport quote> Where did you find the spaceport? I've eaten the STEX looking for it! quote> I got all that from SOMY's web site, members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/index.htm--you'll need to browse a bit to find them. Possibly they are on the STEX as well--just search for SOMY there, a lot of his stuff has been reposted there. Edit: I should say I got all the main hardware pieces from SOMY's site; I made my own lots as well--the one acting as an entrance with the airport tower, and all the tarmac and fence lots.
  8. For extra greenery, SFBT has a "Street Tree Mod" that adds mature trees to your street sidewalks, along with parked cars--increasing the 'old' suburban look of any area.
  9. Originally posted by: Jeiman2008 You could also modify the automata exemplar you're using to reduce the number of commuters it takes to fill a train, if you don't favor using an automata generator lot. If you're familiar with the ilive reader it's fairly simple to do.quote> Hmm, that might be simpler. I just downloaded the reader a few days ago but haven't had time to get into it. I have the tutorial for it here bookmarked. Thanks for that advice Jeiman2008.
  10. Show us your MAPP

    I've been working on a city-sized amusement park and resort for the past couple of months. The amusement park itself is basically done; now work begins on the rest of the resort. It's vastly more complex than the pictures I posted last year. Much of this has been revised along the way, but here are some of the latest developments. The city name (both the resort and its surrounding town) is Bosphorous Concourse. Part of The Haunted Concourse (a giant 'haunted house'). The Lagoon Near the entrance of the southern half of the Park... BosCon Spaceport Imax and 3D theaters Outdoor entertainment venue
  11. Thanks for that--I posted there but it doesn't sound promising. In another thread a year ago he said he was taking a long break from modding. But one can hope!
  12. Originally posted by: SC4BOY It will be mostly eyecandy.. however.. and recall the automata is eyecandy anyways, not the actual simulation, so you can modify a station to be an "automata generator" so it will dutifully make little trains to scurry around the park. Andreas of SFBT has done some work on generators for GLR stations so you can send a PM, or perhaps you'll get a response in this thread. Sorry I don't have a link.quote> Thanks very much SC4BOY. I only really care about seeing the automata, not whether it's actually being used--just for the illusion, you know? I'll try contacting Andreas (via SC4D I assume).
  13. I'm asking because I'm working on something a bit unusual and I'm wondering how normal game dynamics will work with this. I'm building what is essentially an amusement park and resort, on the order of Disney World, on a large city tile. It does include an actual 'city' surrounding the resort on all four sides, but I don't expect residential numbers to rise much higher than about 25,000 (unless I go with some high density development, which I'm resisting). So in this park, invoking childhood memories of Disneyland in southern California, I have a monorail system developing that operates only in the park itself--it doesn't go out into the residential parts of the city. The transit network of the city does otherwise go into the park, both street and GLR, and comes near three monorail stations so far. The park itself contains only very minimal residential development, naturally--just to simulate quarters for staff who may live there full-time. So the park itself is almost exclusively landmark and plopped commercial. I do know that city residents do travel into the park to work already--transit queries show that. So I'm wondering if the relatively low residential numbers will ever be enough to create any actual demand for the monorail system, to the point where it will show automata. Or will it just be eye candy? Is population pressure a factor here, or is it only proximity? I.e., if I have some residential near a mono station, they may use it regardless of their numbers...if that were the case I'd create some residential in the right place just to generate the automata. Some pics just for clarity: The 'city' GLR enters the park here... And here (for instance), having changed to tram-on-street, runs by a mono station (so there is proximity between the two networks at least at this point)... And then goes on its merry way to other parts of the resort--some of which may be appropriate for some residential development. Thoughts?
  14. Originally posted by: joshriddle I would like to see your ideas of the best buildings in the world, and the ugliest! Here are mine... This is the Reunion Tower (left) and the Hyatt Regency Hotel (right), located downtown Dallas, Texas ... And here is the horrid building, A Yale College Art & Architecture Building: quote> That tacky carnival fixture in Dallas is your idea of the best architecture in the world?