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  1. Ummm it appears to me that there is no download button. How do you download it from there?
  2. My computer was recently reformatted and i lost a feature i had on my game where you right click on the cheat bar and it will show all of the cheats on a big list. Anyone know what this is called and how to find it? thanks for any help
  3. That actually did fix it, thanks for the help.
  4. When i play my game, i had an entire city built and i have been playin it. No problems with it other than the expected error occasionally, sorry not about that error. ANyway, I recently started up the game and all of my buildings in my city had no parking lots in front of them and there werent any drive ways or anything. It was just the house and a bunch of grass surrounding. The Highschool and elementary schools all show their play ground equipment but not the black top for the playground. Any idea what the issue is? I mean the only hing i can think of is that i patched my game to see if it would solve my other problem. So any idea if that is te cause or what the deal is? Help would be wonderful THanks X L.
  5. I downloaded a casino off of the EA Sim City 4 exchange. It gave my city tons of money and it made me happy. Suddenly though it just blew up. There was a loud explosion noise and so i looked around and didnt see anything then i went over to my casino and it was gone as well as half of the surrounding buildings. It was quite odd i was just like... O_O what happend? now i added it back and so far it hasnt exploded again but woah. yeah.
  6. As it turns out the switch from hardware to software was just a temporary fix. The problem has come back. more suggestions would be great.
  7. I couldnt even play

    The woman at the returns counter told me that it was the law. I beleive she said it was state law. (odd i know)
  8. Can't Find it? Ask Here!

    Can someone help me? I saw some different road designs somewhere and i want to find them but i dont know where to look. Can anyone help? I dont remember where i saw it
  9. I bought this game about a year ago when i had my other computer and i was stupid and didnt read the system requirements. The game ended up not working with my computer so i took it back to Walmart but all they could do was give me another copy of the game. I then looked all over the city for a place to sell it and of course i couldnt sell it anywhere. I ended up selling it on Amazon.com for 15 dollars less then i spent on it. That really sucked. The lesson learned here is to always read the requirements before you buy a game. Also that if you are unhappy with a game too bad since you will just get another copy from Walmart. (or any store since i guess its a law) Here i wish i could have played since it looked cool on the internet but please do tell me, is SCS a good game? i have a new computer that can play it now if i decided to buy it. SO, is it worth the buy?
  10. I switched the game from hardware rendering to software rendering and now it seems fine. i am not really sure why that makes a difference but it does. Thanks for the advice everyone. if i have any other problems ill ask you guys! thanks so much!
  11. SOrry for a double post. However my game is still glitchy after installing the patch. Anyone have any other ideas?
  12. I did get a new computer but it has more than the minimum requirements. Also i did reinstall i will try patching the game if that doesnt work ill let yall know.
  13. I recently started playing my SimCity 4 game again and it is having problems. The Wind Power poles are all glitchy and the vehicles are glitchy as they drive down the road. Also occasionally the game will close out of itself while i am playing, meaning i lose my game. Does anyone have any ideas on how i can fix this problem? Is it possible to fix this problem? Please help me out if you have any ideas. I really dont wanna lose my game