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  1. Toyota Center

    I rarely post a comment, but this is fantastic. The attention to detail is what really makes this one. Good job! 10 stars!
  2. NHP Mount Rainier by beskhu3epnm

    I live only a few miles from this mountain (roughly eight) and this is a beautiful representation. Excellent, excellent work.
  3. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    The Bishops House looks great! The gradient is a bit too stark, but not as much as some people may think. I would reduce it only slightly. Possibly make it 75% of what it is now. I love the Standard Insurance Plaza. I dont know why!
  4. North American Stadiums

    Heck yes. That's all I have to say. A few weeks ago I went to a game there against the Rangers, it was awesome. Reggie hit a grand slam. I was sitting in the third row right behind the M's dugout. Very awesome seats. Almost got killed by a foul ball. Good times. Can't wait for this one.
  5. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    http://www.alturasforums.com/stuff/yeon_03.jpg align=baseline> http://www.alturasforums.com/stuff/yeon_04.jpg align=baseline> I wanted to post my progress on the Yeon Building as it is right now, as I probably wont get a chance to really work on it again until after Christmas. My wife and I are moving this week (good timing, eh?) and thus my computer is going to be apart and then, once its back together, we'll be celebrating the holidays. Next to do: The windows, then the roof and the base, and then the rafters/details. Sparky, can I hope to see some pics of the tower? You're right about Emporis, it has a few good ones, but its mostly from one side. Fortunately there's a night-time view of it as well. Huzzah!
  6. Neeker s Earth World DEM

    Oh man, these guys are right. I'm never ever going to play on a map with water again because its a waste of... something. Anyway, this is an awesome map. Huge, but awesome. I've been waiting for someone to do this.
  7. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    Hey sparky, I've been thinking about doing a small skyscraper to pass some time between a couple of my bigger projects I'm slowly cranking out and I came across a Portland tower: The Yeon Building. I think it would make a great BAT and I'd really like to do it. Is there a certain scale you're using that I should take into consideration if I decide to do this tower? 1Unit = 1M or something? Also, I've only been able to get one photo of the building. Do you have anything in the pictures you've taken that shows it? It's located at 522 SW 5th Ave. I believe it was built a little before 1920. Thanks!
  8. small theater pack

    Perfect! These are just what any smaller city needs. Great idea!
  9. Church Pack

    Holy crap, Goober, you just stole my idea. (See my Shanghai World Financial Center thread.) Seriously, though, awesome work! I may contact you about doing some other churches (as you're the "god" at rewards! ;) )
  10. PARIS Moulin Rouge PLOP

    Now that is good work.
  11. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    Oh man, yes. That is wonderful! This is exaclty what all those guys who want a commerical mid-rise have been waiting for. It's breathtaking. The windows are perfect! Get this on the STEX now! Oh, and 500th reply to this thread!
  12. Seattle, Washington

    Mention all of the skyscrapers in the first shot except for the one I did? It's always good to see my work at least included in someone's CJ. Good job so far! Looking forward to when it really comes together!
  13. New York city in 2095

    I believe that shot is rendered and in-game.
  14. Atlantis

    Very interesting. Looks like you did your research, too!