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  1. Most people achived on smallest map.

    With no addons, and a region with only this one small city tile, I could only manage 21,000.
  2. Show us your - Region

    Here's the region I began today and just finished earlier – East Kentia, part of my fictional country of Kentia (situated to the east of Australia). The basic shapes of the terrain were created in SC4Terraformer, and perfected in the game with additional terraforming and tree-adding. Tried to keep a nice range of land types, ie. plains, hills, rivers, lakes, islands, seas, deserts and mountains all in one region, with the land relatively flat enough for decent city-building. My favourite types of city tiles to build on are medium-sized flats with rivers running through them, so I made that the majority here. Looking forward to finally creating a regional metropolis; I've never done so before since I've never really been keen on the Maxis regions, and I've never had the patience to manually terraform my own region. There are no terrain modifications. East Kentia, current population: 0 Click image for full size.
  3. Stormed Cities

  4. NAM question

    It extracted into the Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder, but all my other plugins are in the Program Files/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins folder, so can I move them over to there or will that stop it from working? Thanks.
  5. A Fight on New York's Skyline

    That's way too close and would just ruin the skyline. Reminds of this awful proposal as well: I still don't accept the Bank Of America Tower either.
  6. I downloaded rubik3's World Trade Center, both as separate towers and as the lot with props, but at night time, the buildings don't light up at all. Did I miss a download or is something wrong? I saw someone else's screenshot of their city with the World Trade Center well lit at night.
  7. Stormed Cities

    A freak lightning and rain storm hit Trenton. Before (everything intact): During (where the radio station is struck by lightning): Smith Tower remained standing.
  8. Question about zoning farms

    Aye, the empty zoned land at the top in the picture below, just for an example… since the other agriculture zones around it touch the road and street seen at the bottom. So will that land not develop unless I give it some sort of road access?
  9. Do they all need road access? Not all medium and high density industry zones do, unlike residential and commercial. I was wondering if all separate agriculture zones need to touch a street or road at least at one point? Thanks.
  10. Oh sorry, but what do you mean? Like… when they get abandoned or their wealth-level changes? Demolish them and let something else build on there.
  11. What frustrates you about sim city 4

    When the news banner area flashes with a bright red message about placing too much concrete and not enough trees. I am one of the biggest park-builders you'd find, and it's not my fault I put down too many roads opposed to streets since the streets get unused. Sims are stupid in this game.
  12. The question about traffic circles? It's part of the Network Addon Mod (NAM) which gives you that, plus diagonal streets, trams, elevated roads and much more extended network systems. Download from the STEX on here.
  13. No JOBS In NYC - Please Help!

    Thanks a lot yunxiang. I know it has a lot to do with wealth levels, since a lot of the apartment buildings have been moved in by $ wealth Sims when the buildings are $$ or $$$ wealth. I think I'm okay for education though; I have about 5 or 6 schools (inc. a private school), and I have NYU ready to plant... and a museum, but I'm trying to keep my income higher than expenses and I don't want to mess around too much with tax or the demand for the right jobs will be even lower.
  14. No JOBS In NYC - Please Help!

    I know and it's always annoyed me... but if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. And not NAM, I want to do it with little modification.
  15. I'm trying to create an accurate New York City, and I created the region precisely as New York is (not the crappy pre-made one the game gives you), and I started with Lower Manhattan/Brooklyn. There are a good mix of medium/high density residential blocks and medium density commercial services spreaded around Manhattan, and most of the industrial zones are over in Brooklyn. But half the apartment buildings and tenements in SoHo and Greenwich village are complaining commute is too long and have been abandoned! There's a small industrial section in Lower West Side and plenty of commercial office so I don't know what they're complaining about... and I installed a Subway service no-one is using, and there are three bridges going over to Brooklyn (Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg). The attached image shows a view of Downtown, which is mainly commercial and doesn't look too bad, and the shot below it is from Canal Street upwards, of SoHo and Greenwich Village, where no-one can find work.