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  1. Bout time the simcity fans strike back!!

    Originally posted by: punkologist4 Originally posted by: Robstersfive well i never buy EA games anymore, stopped buying need for speed as pro street demo was terrible, thankgod for codemasters grid, simcity will go the same way CitiesXL will distroy latest simcity. Really cant see EA repuation lasting long like this, they are killing to many franchises C&C, Simcity, Need for Speed....im sure there more!!quote> C&C is still good. I loved the last one. (c&c 3 that is not red alert) quote> True, C&C 3 was good, but that doesnt make up for Renegade and Generals.
  2. What are the alternatives?

    Agreed, all we can do now is watch and wait.