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  1. SimCity 4, NAM and Lion

    Thanks for the help! I removed the "cursed" files and I at least got the game work with most of the add-on!
  2. SimCity 4, NAM and Lion

    Hello everyone: I signed up for this forum a while back and I just began to pick up the game again. I also began to add mods and am getting into the game on a new level but then I installed OSX Lion. After installing the Universal Binary Update, I found NAM and attempted to install it to. In the end I eventually found out that as soon as I opened a city, the game will freeze up and stop responding. I then went and did some digging to see if I am able to circumvent this issue. Through my digging and research, I found out the current version of NAM has requires an updated version of SimCity. From what I was able to determine, I believe I am running on SimCity 4 Deluxe 1.1rev. I don't know if this has any significance but I believe I need an update, which I can't find. In the end all I have now is a headache and a buggy version of SimCity 4. What I am asking is, what do I need to do to get NAM to work. What updates do I need and where are they? I understand that many other are going through the some of the same issues but any information will be great and much appreciated. Thanks!