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  1. How to deal with garbage?

    Yes in my experience where I have "daisy chained" garbage through several tiles into one terminal "garbage city" tile I have found it helps to keep handwritten notes on how it's structured. Also, you should periodically check on the garbage transfers to make sure nothing has broken down. One pleasant side effect of this is that some of your cities in the middle of the "daisy chain" can end up making money every month just from sending the gargage down the chain, such as buying garbage at 0.82 simoleans per ton and selling it at 0.85 per ton.
  2. Thank you for the help. I am also interested in water mods and terrain texture/grass mods. I tried searching on STEX but I am not too good with the search function. The Sim City launcher looks really interesting; they didn't have those back in my day.
  3. Hello. I took a three year break from Sim City 4 and just re-installed the game and all the plugins/mods that I had. I was pretty up to date on everything in 2010, like with NAM, industry quadrupler, etc. I was wondering if there is anything that I need to know that has come out in the last three years. I haven't kept up on new info at all or this forum also since 2010. I'm not interested in cheats, just what new mods I have missed, if any. Thanks.
  4. Yes thanks for the tip, I tried that just now. I think that the files may have somehow saved improperly on the flash drive back in 2010 however. I don't know how that might have happened.
  5. Region as a whole state?

    I'm pretty sure what the OP was talking about is putting a metropolitan area into one region, not a "state" as we think of them in the USA.
  6. Hi everyone. I was a regular SimCity 4 player for years so I know all the basics and a lot of the advanced techniques in the game. I took a break from SimCity 4 in 2010, and saved my built-up "Timbuktu" region on a flash drive, which had about 3 million sims. All of the tutorials at the time of saving had been overwritten for years as new cities, and some of them had grown up to be quite large. I re-installed the game today and reloaded the Timbuktu region in the appropriate Documents sub-folder. When I opened up the region, everything appeared properly just as I left it in 2010 except for that each of the tutorial cities appeared in default state in my region. I checked the flash drive and sure enough, none of the city files that replaced the tutorial tiles were in the region folder that I had saved back in 2010, but each of the tutorial city files were saved. I know for a fact that the tutorials had been overwritten years ago and those tiles had been built up along with the rest of the region. Now I have big open gaps in my region (Terraforming tutorial, big city tutorial, etc) where once-thriving cities were. Do you know how this happened? Has this happened to any of you? How can I fix this? Thank you.
  7. Crime Rate

    So like I have a crime number of 78 in a city with only 120,000 population. What are some of your crime figures? I prefer to under-police if anything, keeping government off my sim's backs and all...
  8. Crime Rate

    Is the "Crime" graph a crime rate or a total number of crimes? If its just a total number, how are you to judge what is good, since the total number should be compared to the city population before any conclusions are drawn. Speaking of crime rate, what are some of your crime rates? In one city right now with a population of 120,000, my crime graph reads 78. This seems a bit high since my education level is 175 or so. In one city with a population of 250,000 I had a crime rate of 150. Most of my cities however have a crime figure of under 20.
  9. So like when I installed sc4 on my new computer, these characters appear in my smoke and fog, and over my cursor highlight, kinda like cyrillic characters, or a bunch of 0's and 1's. How do I fix this?
  10. Question about reducing pollution

    In my experience, God mode trees are much less aesthetically pleasing than the regular (mayor mode) trees. The god-mode trees seem to plop a lot of pines and scrubby-looking bushes and small trees. With the mayor trees, you can fine-tune where the trees are planted, and can pick from oaks, maples, spruce, and palm.
  11. I am the OP of this thread. Thank you very much for the advice; I transferred all the plugins and the regions via one 4 GB flash drive and everything is working perfectly. So consider this thread closed, and once again, thank you all! On a side note, its funny how my brand new computer, with an intel dual-core processor running at 2.66 GHz with 6 GB of RAM still cant play SC4 smoothly at the highest detail settings! But no worries...
  12. Thank you. And what directories do I need to copy to get my regions and cities into the new computer?
  13. Ok, I bought a brand new computer. Can I re-install SC4 on there? Or does the license only cover one installation? Furthermore, how do I copy all the files I need so I can play my old region where I left off on the old computer. I installed a lot of mods like cycledogg's trees, landmarks, and NAM... Thank you.
  14. Airport and University Crime

    Ah, I've never been worried too much about crime at the airport. To me, it's an accurate reflection of real life. Airports are rife with crime and are organized crime and smuggler magnets! Ever seen Goodfellas?
  15. Help with FLUPs

    Be sure to put the connecting piece under the original road. Plus, i think it helps if the entire area on which the underpass/road lies is completely level.