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  1. Atlantys

    meant 513x513
  2. Atlantys

    i really like the design of this region but i wanted to downsize it to half the original size(512x513) and make a smaller city, but for some reason using the resized grayscale image, the game refuses to render the terrain. any ideas?
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions/info. I guess if this really is the expected result as far as demand I will just go with bulldozing a chunk of industry before installing the mod into each region and then focus on residential development afterward until it catches up with the new huge industrial population.
  4. I recently installed the Industry Quadrupler v2.1 mod in an attempt to reorganize some of the regions I have been building such that I didn't need such huge swaths of industrial zoning. However, since installing the mod it has been behaving strangely and not affecting industrial demand as I expected. I decided to start by only loading up a very simple region of just 4 cities to make sure there were no issues with the mod. Prior to installing the mod the region had a population of about 520k with roughly 200k commercial jobs and 120k industrial jobs, thus the total jobs were well in line with the total workforce. Demand across the region was very low for I-D, moderate for I-M and high for I-HT. I installed the Industry quadrupler, which left the region with roughly 600k total jobs, 400k of which were industrial for only 520k total population so demand for industrial jobs should be very negative. I loaded and ran each city for 10 years of game time, expecting to see industrial demand plummet, but instead, demand across every one of the cities remained exactly where it was prior to installing the mod. I saw absolutely no reduction in industrial demand, and bulldozing existing industrial buildings would cause them to redevelop immediately despite there being far too many jobs for the population to fill. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem and if there is some trick to making demand function as expected with this mod? Do I need to completely redevelop every industrial zone in the region so the jobs grow in at the correct numbers naturally in order to eliminate this bizarre demand? I do not currently have any other mods installed that have any effect on demand, stage limits or development caps
  5. SC4 unbelievably slow

    I've been running in software mode for a while now but like EinAran I saw a big difference in performance under hardware mode after switching to the 186 drivers. Still has a bit of lag during scrolling but no longer the unplayable performance otherwise.