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  1. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    Hey, Chptrk, way to go! The Abandonment Dilapidation Modd (ADM) works! A few months ago for the hell of it I started playing Sim City 4 again (Rush Hour version) and I remembered that when I played it in the old days (2004?) I was somehow able to place any structure anywhere, using a cheat. I couldn't for the life of me remember how, though. It was definitely not the same cheat method used in this thread. The problem was that after I placed (plopped?) the buildings, and then ran the simulation in Rhino mode or Cheetah mode, the buildings just decayed in a matter of seconds. Now, with this building cheat, plus infinite moolah, and thanks to you and Raphaelninja and the ADM, the buildings don't decay, and I can watch the City's Sims and vehicles do their thing as though I were actually playing Mayor (which I don't do because I don't have the patience nor the inclination). So, much thanks to you both for a great Modification. EA/Maxis should not have abandoned Sim City 4. IMHO, Sim City Societies was a disaster. I purchased it twice, a year apart, and it didn't work either time. It's obviously time for a Sim Cities 5, but until then, we still have SC4, and now we can create at will and roam at will, no longer confined to Pause Mode, without fear of dilapidation, decay, and decomposition. Many thanks again. You made my day.
  2. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    The cheats as revealed in this thread are indeed most helpful, and this especially includes the "ploppable buildings", and of course the infinite moolah. But what is desperately needed is a cheat that will permanently prevent the decay of these ploppable buildings, so that we don't have to play the simulation in constant "Pause" mode, so we can see cars and people moving about without the structures falling apart after a few seconds. If EA/Maxis could provide this for Sim Cities, we would really have something.
  3. I've installed Sim City Societies twice on my Vista 64 system (Core 2 Quad, 512 MB video card, 4 GB RAM), and I've also installed Update 5 immediately thereafter, but each time, when the opening game screen comes up, my cursor is frozen. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
  4. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    I sure want to thank all the posters on this thread who provided the information on the .dll cheat. I tried it and it worked. So far I've only used the "Moolah" and "Plop Building" cheats, but they are the ones I'm most interested in. If anyone can come up with a cheat that permanently prevents the decaying of buildings, that would be something. Once again, many thanks.