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  1. Highway Over Avenue

    Basically having the avenue run directly under the Highway, like the train over/under the roads that are in the NAM i believe he wants, like that picture is showing.
  2. Super Demand Ordinance

    @Alexfast: If you read the description, it tells you why: Modified all Comercial Service, Commercial Office and Industrial zone demand to skyrocket to 500% of what it was. Small income of
  3. I am not new to Sim City, but this version has me puzzled... When I start a game, I zone out the Agriculture and low residential areas with a few commercials and about only 10% of residentials and 1 square of agriculture will develop... and the RCI indicator shows they all have demand (well commercial doesn't really). If it's in demand then why is the rest not building up? unless the above the RCI means not needed....
  4. Black Hole Power Company v2

    Very nice indeed :) Like JWUT mentioned, an air pollution cleaner would be good :) Perhaps there are towers that look like the inside of an ionic tower.... :)