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  1. Highways and Abandonment

    I play a regular game for the most part. I don't have all the extra stuff and downloads like the soundwall. I built one city, nothing but avenues and streets. Then when I had enough money I just plopped a beltway in it with downtown accesses it was the largest city tile. It's like atlanta freeways system but like a box instead of a circular oval blob. Some places have no use while others carry close to 5000 cars. The problems I had were 1)forgeting to put highway onramps and 2)rezoning destroyed lots. Lot accesses get cut off when highways are put down. plus the streets that access the highways can get so crowded that homes in the residential area become abandoned because of commute time. The only thing I thought to do was put avenues with onramp access to the highways or put subway lines with stations and ajacent bus stops. somebody else might have better tips
  2. Highways and Abandonment

    Was it mandated? like did you actually need to put it because of congestion or did you put it there for kicks