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  1. open paved area

    thnxx i always get that tile randomly and can never find it again when i hit tab i get diffrent patterns none of them look like the 1 i want without the light
  2. is there a open paved area that looks like this one with out the light
  3. Air Pollution

    so there is such a lot that will take all my pollution away?
  4. Air Pollution

    ive fixed the problem by moving the lot from my plugins then deleting the buildings but now i have a new question how do i edit things properly so it doesn't happen again
  5. Air Pollution

    i have an air pollution plant that ive downloaded some time ago but it wasn’t giving me what i really wanted so i went to edit it in SC4Tools and expand the radius and what not but b4 i closed sim city i put 4 of them down in the same place once i finished editing i opened the game back up and tried to delete them but shortly after i got mass pollution from who knows where i dont even have industries in my city yet
  6. HOV Lanes

    how do i fix this evertthing else is grey but that
  7. HOV Lanes

    ohhh thaank youu so there isnt much i can do 1 last question how do i get black highways? they look like the default ground highway but its black instead
  8. HOV Lanes

    i have a hov plugin but i see a few amount of normal cars still go thru how do i stop that
  9. elevated rails

    last question houses say they have no way out when i put down aveunes that have GLR in it how do i fix that?
  10. elevated rails

    i tried to drag the el rail thru but i says i cant
  11. elevated rails

    i have 1 more problem ... im now building up my GLR im using the draggable glr piece and tokyo glr station but the train wont go thru it exits the drive it mode when it touches the station i got it to work once but i dont remember how i did it
  12. elevated rails

    i went on youtube and i think i found it the right name for it is GLR? ground light rail i think i found what i was looking for but thankyou EVERYONE for the quick responce and help http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=13515 http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=16625
  13. you know how you have the elevated rails build in to the road, is there any stations that are build in to or do i have to put the default elevated station
  14. Am i doing something wrong? i have a SMALL town and it has like 5 clinics the buget for health is high and my sims have bad health how is that possible? and i have the same problem with education
  15. i want to edit the nomal bus stop so that its also a sub way or is there already a 1x1 bus and sub way how do i make it?