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  1. Marinora 2011

    That's just amazing
  2. Marinora 2011

    Nice update But could you post a traffic map?
  3. Marinora 2011

    This is amazing
  4. Marinora 2011

    Can't wait!
  5. Marinora 2011

    You'r previous cities are awsome so I guess this one will be to
  6. New Crap Town

    Thats a pretty badass city
  7. The Cities XL Planet Adventure.....

    Nice story Now we wont the city
  8. How do you start a new city?

    Well hello there! How the hell do you start a new city? Everytime im creating a new city i just re-creat it cuse i think it looks ugly or my road system fail but allsow cuse I always think that my city will become some uber city in 5 mins. This often happend when i have less then 20k citizens and i just delete it:/ How do you plan your city before you start to build it?