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  1. King of the hill

    I claim this hill by farting in your general direction.
  2. Highway Overpass ramp issue

    When it doubt. DYNAMITE!!! I'm not helping am i? Generally when i try to build an overpass like that i demolish everything around the site, hence dynamite, to clear a 10x10 grid. Drag out the freeway then drag the avenue over the freeway. Start 4 tiles away and end 4 tiles on the other side. Usually works for me.
  3. La Ciudad: A medium sized southwest city

    Wow man. And i thought i loved Sim City. You sir are truly a genius. May i bow down to you? Hopefully some of your greatness will rub off onto me.
  4. Favorite citites

    My top 5 are 1. Seoul 2. Los Angeles 3. Toronto 4. New York 5 Shanghai
  5. Pollution Downtown

    I have the same problem in my dense commercial districts. Everything was rolling along smoothly and things were going great when all of a sudden all demand tanked in my city. I noticed that air and water pollution was pretty heavy. I tried lowering taxes to 0% but the demand didnt budge. Obviously pollution is the source of the problem. Rich ppl dont like a funny smell in their water i guess lols.
  6. Where is all my hi-tech.

    I had the same issues as stated above. I found that there is pretty much no way to get rid of R$ demand. I guess poor ppl gotta have a place to live too. Also creating lots of commercial job can help bolster your R$$ and R$$$ populations. Other than that i have a difficult time as well. It's depressing to watch your mighty towers of wealthy people suddenly turn into downtrodden tenements. Very ugly.