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  1. How to import new buildings

    "It's that easy" as Seve would say?! Should've thought on that in first place. Many thanks, will try that immediately!
  2. How to import new buildings

    It may sound stupid, but I'm coming from SC2000, SC3000 and am quite new to SC4. I've learned here very much - thx - but so far I couldn't figure out how to import new buildings into my SC4. A friend told me I would have to have a separate editor or program to create lots before I can use a downloaded building... I would have searched here but there're so many acronyms used I didn't figure out what to search for in order to get this sorted out. Besides my native language is German ;-) So if you could give me a link or some kind of tutorial how/what to download and how to import/make useable for SC4 it'd be great. Using a MacBook Pro Unibody 15" here; SC4+RH Addon and Universal Binary Patch, MacOS 10.5.6