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  1. Looking for SC4Update4BAT.exe

    Thanks guys, file found and installed successfully.
  2. Firstly, I'm a new member here and have only very recently got Sim City 4 (Deluxe Edition) At present I'm trying to get all the essential updates/patches/file etc. One thing I'm struggling to obtain is the SC4Update4BAT.exe (BAT nightlights fix) I attempted to register on simcity.ea.com but never received the activation email and as such can't access any files via that website. I tried to re register but after the first attempt my serial number is now considered to be registered. I've seen the "Get you Maxis files here" posts and see that there is a link to get this file at http://www.simcitynation.com/media/downloads/SC4Update4BAT.exe but this link doesn't seem to be currently working. I've had a look and search through many posts but have been unable to find any information detailing any other location for this file. Is the simcitynation.com website still the best location to try and obtain this file or is there another location where this file can be found ? Regards, Jacko.