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  1. Map Config

    i downloaded SC4 Mapper from sc4devotion and it created my map but all the cities are small cities and i would prefer all large or medium cities, how can i modify the config to create all large cities without losing the map im using?
  2. Map Config

    I dont know what it has except for the greymap jpegs, i remember once i downloaded a large map and made a region that took awhile to render, i forget what program i used to, any help would be great
  3. Map Config

    I downloaded some maps off the stex but they are only jpegs, how do i make a config for them?
  4. Help with files

    i did move my documents to my external hard drive but there is a my documents still on my internal drive and when i installed the game i put it on my external which makes me think that it should read the my documents folder in there but it doesnt
  5. Help with files

    so installed the game on an external hard drive and it isnt loading any of the downloaded material i have that is normally stored on the C Drive does anyone know how i get the game to read the plugins and regions from my external hard drive
  6. New Buildings

    Did anyone ever create any of the towers from the stargate atlantis show
  7. Huge Region

    im trying to find a large region that i can download and that way it will take a long time to fill up and complete, any help would be appreciated. Also ive tried to download some regions and all i get is the bitmap file and no map file like before, did something change or am i doing something wrong because i never have a problem before?
  8. Perfect Town

    ok thanks for the tram info, i also read in another topic that commerical zones love to have higher altitude, anyone know why this is? ive tried to create a beach area with alot of commerical buildings like 14 story high buildings like ocean city maryland and it is a pain in the ass to get them to work like i want. any tips on how to create the perfect beach area would be appreciated thanks
  9. Perfect Town

    i know im full of questions but i also am curious what are the limitations on the tram that the NAM puts in between the avenues, i see it saves alot of space but am curious if u can connect it off of the avenues, im pretty new to this game ive owned it for awhile but just not have gotten into it.
  10. Perfect Town

    thanks dreamsong it did teach me alot and i downloaded the region maker and tried to make the largest region possible and when i loaded it into my game the region wasnt big and looked all mest up and twisted, what did i do wrong? and tyson i thought that u could only have 1 police car and 1 police van in a city at any given time? im searching the stex requests now. thank you
  11. Perfect Town

    thanks for the tips and i was also thinking but im sure its not possible. how nice would it be to have like a fbi headquarters where the fbi drove black tahoes as there vehicles. but i know u cant have more then 1 police car at a time but thatd be awsome. or for smaller towns to have tahoes and impalas instead of the police van and crown vic's. i have a ton of ideas but no time to ever do a mod. also does anyone know what the biggest size region u can have is?
  12. Perfect Town

    any hints and tips on how to get the skyscrapers for the commercial buildings?
  13. Chevy Dealer

    Does Anyone know where i can find a chevy dealer containing the new maiibu and tahoes and such. Itd also be nice if someone would make a police pack using the impala as the police car and the tahoe or surbuban as the police van. Hopefully someone can help me. thanks in advance