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  1. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    Originally posted by: Chptrk For all people who want to use this, here is a list of the cheats and what they do: Adv:unknown Bar stucco:unknown BuildingPlop:window, to build all buildings in the game individually Casper:gives rise to spirits in the cemetery Controller: unknown CreateException: leaves the game on the spot crashes (be careful!) DollyLlama: exchanges from the faces of the consultant with lamas DrawPaths: Displays the paths of co-founded automata (vehicles) on the transport routes Effect: unknown FPS: unknown FightThePower: the city requires no power supply Flora: unknown ForceIdle: Presumption: forces the game to use the lowest CPU GOL: gives dancing green spots in the city rise (probably a graphics test) like Game of life GP: unknown HeapCheck: unknown HelloMyNameIs : Name of the Mayor changes HidePaths: turns off display of co-founded automata paths again HowDryIAm: the city requires no water supply LotPlop: window, to build all lots in the game individually Moolah : represents the balance to the entered value money cheat NoCSI: unknown PlopAllBuildings: builds automatically all buildings in the city (beware, resource-intensive!) PlopAllLots: builds all lots in the city (beware, resource-intensive!) RP: unknown Recorder: Opens Recorder window to include story RenderProp: unknown RiskyMoney: you get 10,000 Simdollar (CAUTION RISK OF EARTHQUAKE) ShowTime: Opens a small window in which the current system time appears SimDate : provides to the game internal date on the value entered SizeOf : Zooms the game in the value entered incl. intermediaries Snow: gives rise to snow on the summits Stopwatch: pauses the game internal clock TastyZots: hides icons for "no road connection", "no power", and so on and TerrainQuery: Adds cursor coordinate information Tutorial: unknown WatchMeMove: Presumption: animated Sims, to the city WeaknessPays: increases the balance to 1000 § WhatTimeIzIt : provides to the game internal clock on the value entered WhereRUFrom : changes the name of the city You don ' t deserve it: All rewards are activated Zoneria: hides the viewer of unbebauter zones csitrigger: unknown toll: unknown udriveit: unknown Credits for the list go to cweasoft, who put this list together when the plugin was realeased on the Stex. It may look kinda messy, if I have time I might fix it up. And if anyone has any info to add, feel free to PM me! Hope this helps! Chptrk quote> I believe that on some of the cheats like Flora, Effect, RP,etc a unknown value must be entered after cheat. Example Moolah 100000.
  2. Cities XL is NOT an MMO

    The cities XL home page stated the game is now orderable. Because the web page makes no mention, or how to find out if the game is playable without a internet connection, one must assume the game has DRM.
  3. Drive-in movie theater lot

    Originally posted by: Jezus53 Just a side note to everyone. The random number generator does not exist. It's just something fun to think about. you can read up on some ideas about it in this thread. http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=22&threadid=106013&highlight_key=y&keyword1=random%20number%20generator I'm glad you got it! I seem to get the drive in all the time in my commercial districts and I have to keep destroying it. It brings down desirability. quote> All programs that have random events must have a random number generator embeded in the Exe file. It also makes no defference in regards to the computor language , rather it be C++ or Basic ,or Fortran. If you have a very few random events its possible to use say the computer clock to pull down a number. or some other random event like the stock market S&P, providing two or more random events to not happen within the interval that tne number was crated.. For those who might be interested the clock is the source for the seed number for the random number generator . Some programs reload the calculations made upon the save , while others uses a new seed upon reloading.
  4. Drive-in movie theater lot

    I started a thread on this subject earlier. I stated that when I played my first game a Drive-IN appeared an it has not appeared in the two years since. A UFO movie was playing on the screen. Since I have been racking my brain on that first game , I do not think I ever got past low density zoneing with no water. I deleted the city because the program would crash to the desktop every few minutes. This was before I installed the patch UPDATE_SKU1_TO_P1_B638.EXE. I think that the part of the program that randomizies the props is not working correctly, Possibly their is something wrong with the random number generator . This would explain why some other props are way to common. This could also explain why people report different frequencys with the props. The patch was supposed to have corrected this.
  5. Any mention of possible DRM with cities XL?

    This whole concept of linking one software purchase to one computer is not right an my eye's. This is like, if it was possible to link CD's to one CD player or 45's to one turntable, or one tape to one player. I will never Knowingly buy a piece of software that has DRM.
  6. Drive-IN

    Originally posted by: SockoJr53 Want Drive-In Movie Theaters? Very Easy, zone a 4x4 High Density Commercial block, but don't give it water. The only thing that can possibly grow on a 4x4 block without water is the Drive-In, so you won't have to worry about offices taking the space over.quote> I did this an a flea market appeared. Maybe this works for you because you have added mods, even it they are not related to props.
  7. Drive-IN

    The first game I ever played two years ago, a drive-in appeared, since that time the Drive-In has not reappeared. in a game. Is the appearence of this prop a extremly rear event? I noticed most of the props,if not all of them appear multiple times in a game.