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  1. At first I overlooked the game because it has no offline feature, but now offline patch is coming out. I need suggestion whether the game has improved much since its release date?
  2. Hi to all mayors, I'm going to write a novel which I intend to put city building games concept into the story (my first novel has RTS game concept). So I think it would be better if I can find some books that will give me some information about city building concepts or ideas or quotes. Can anyone recommend me about which books I should read, so I will get some benefits to put in my novel please? Thank you for reading this thread
  3. Hi, before I buy the game, I need to be clear about these questions, please help me on this. 1. Do the game really create citizen in the city? like the feature in Tropico 4 that we can look into some life detail of each citizen, or City XL just generate some visual of people walking on streets similar to Anno 2070? 2. Do we have people animation in the game other than street walking animation? I'm quite disappoint with City in Motion 2 that we can only see people walking in town and do nothing else. 3. If I buy City XL 2012 Platinum, do I need to download any community mod to fix the game bug? or the last patch already cover most of the problem issues? 4. Do the game force player to build large city with high amount of people? Anno 2070 won't let us build new type of building unless we make our city have more people. Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my English.
  4. CiM 2 released

    I'm quite disappoint that I can not see any citizen activities other than just walking. I think I have seen people do more in Tropico 4 and Anno 2070.
  5. CiM 2 released

    wow, I just come back to this forum to check about CiM2 news, and the game is released today!