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  1. Game will not start

    me too take out all the mod and started and it worked
  2. ok bus, but trading in sp???

    it didn't work because they didn't care also is the 1 i want to trade in so (because there isn't any options) between my cities also i want more city slot
  3. ok bus, but trading in sp???

    that's not what i want i payed in the po i want the system to trade between cities not only omnicorp i don't wanna use these mod (i use them)
  4. ok bus, but trading in sp???

    like the pubblic offer? from city to city?
  5. ok bus, but trading in sp???

    today got buses i got to took out all patch to start it and then? buses ok i added some lines in my city (took out from the po) and i was mmmm ok but the trading system????? first the futile, and the essential??????????? later or the next year?